The Float Tank



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Floating is lying on your back in a float tank filled with a shallow, silky solution of Purified Water and Epsom Salt that allows your body to float totally free from gravity.  The float tank is soundproof and lightproof, offering a safe escape from the stress and distractions of everyday life.  You will feel as if you are floating in space.  Underwater music and lighting are available and can be customized to enhance your experience.

The purified water is heated to your body temperature to create a sensory bond between your skin and the water.  In this oasis, you will obtain a state of deep relaxation that reenergizes your mind and body.  When you emerge an hour later, you will feel refreshed, recharged, renewed, and ready for the business of your life.

You’ll benefit even more by floating regularly because your mind and body ‘learn’ how to relax more deeply with each float.