The Float Tank


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What is it like in the tank?

There are 10 inches of purified water in the tank with approximately 800 lbs. of Epsom salt dissolved in it.  That enables you to float lying on your back. Your ears will be under water. We recommend using earplugs if you have ever had ear problems.  To keep the tank air fresh, an air circulation system brings in additional air from the room.

Is the float tank hygienic?

Yes, in fact more so than spas or swimming pools.  The high concentration of the Epsom salt kills most viruses and bacteria. Also, the water in the float tank is sterilized using a UV Sterilization system after each use.  All users are required to shower before and after their float session.

What do you wear in the tank?

Because you will be in a private room, most people don't wear anything.  Clothing will press against your body and may be distracting.  The setting is similar to a tanning salon.

Can you sleep in the tank?

Yes.  People can achieve a state of total relaxation that enables them to fall asleep.  You don’t have to worry about drowning.  No one has ever drowned in a floatation tank.  Individuals that have laid face down in the tank can not tolerated the sting of salt in their eyes, nose, and mouth.

Can I eat before I go into the tank?

It is not recommended to allow yourself to get very hungry or overeat prior to entering the tank.  The sounds of hunger or digestion may distract you.

Who shouldn’t use the tank?

We don't recommend tank use for epileptics whose epilepsy is not under medical control; for people under the influence of alcohol or drugs; pregnant or menstruating women; those with infectious diseases; open skin wounds; or those with suicidal tendencies.


What if I'm claustrophobic?

Claustrophobia is the fear of being in enclosed spaces.  You will not be confined inside the float tank because you will have total control of the door.  The tank can be used with the door open, closed, or partially open during your float session.  You can get in and out as many times as you wish during your session.  Whatever it takes to make you comfortable.